5 Tips for Hiring Android and iOS Developers in Indonesia

5 Tips for Hiring Android and iOS Developers in Indonesia
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Technology is a very competitive field. Given the high demand for workers, finding the right employee is a challenging task. But there are ways to make recruitment more efficient. Use our tips below to help you when hiring Android and iOS Developers in Indonesia.

#1 Understand how Indonesian mobile app developers look for new opportunities

There are several ways to source Android and iOS Developers in Indonesia including. Each one has its own pros and cons.

Job Portals

Indonesian mobile developers typically browse online job portals when seeking new opportunities. You will likely get a lot of applications through job portals. However, not all of them will come from qualified applicants.

Additionally, many portals require companies to have a legal presence in Indonesia. As such, this option is not suitable for companies based outside of Indonesia.

IT Communities and Referrals

Reach out to developer communities in Indonesia. Developers have established communities using Facebook and Linkedin groups. You can post open roles and receive direct responses from interested people. Members of these communities will also refer qualified colleagues and friends.

Much like sourcing candidates from online portals, most of the candidates will probably be unqualified.

Freelancer Portals

Freelancer portals like Upwork have many candidates willing to take on long-term projects. However, freelancers are often juggling several projects at a time. Your project will not have the freelancer’s full attention. This is an option for quick projects, but this is not the way to go if you want a long-term employee.

Professional Recruitment

Professional recruiters are experts at sourcing and pre-screening candidates. Because of this recruiters like Emerhub, have their own database of highly qualified IT professionals. You can skip the sourcing and pre-screening steps because recruiters will be able to quickly provide you with a shortlist of candidates.

It is also worth noting the implications of a recruiter’s terms of payment. Common terms of payment used by recruiters include:

  • Fixed-rate. The outcome does not affect the recruiter’s fees. As such, the recruiter will likely present candidates who meet the bare minimum.
  • Percentage-based. The recruiter charges a percentage of the successful candidate’s annual salary. The more qualified a candidate is, the higher the asking salary. As such, these recruiters stand to gain more by sourcing top-tier candidates.

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#2 Hiring Android and iOS Developers is more than interviewing

Resumes and interviews are not enough when assessing mobile app developers. Some candidates have great resumes but fall short in practice. On the other hand, some candidates might not do well in the interview but can actually code very well.

As such, assessing the candidate’s skills through tests is important. The assignments or tests you give candidates will allow you to see how they work and solve problems. You will also be able to see how serious they are about pursuing the role. Only candidates who are truly interested in working with you will make the effort to complete the assignment.

Professional recruiters can facilitate assessment tests on your behalf. Below you will find the steps recruiters usually go through when hiring Android and iOS Developers.

  1. We provide you with pre-screened and shortlisted candidates based on your requirements.
  2. You select candidates from the shortlist.
  3. We invite your selected candidates to take the assessment test you provided.
  4. You will review the results of the test.
  5. We will facilitate scheduling interviews of candidates who passed the assessment.

#3 Understand Salary Standards of Android and iOS Developers in Indonesia

The table below shows the usual salary expectations of Android and iOS Developers in Indonesia. Rates vary depending on the job level of the role and the candidate’s relevant years of experience.

LevelYears of ExperienceSalary Range (Monthly)Lead Android/iOS Developer5 to 10 yearsIDR 25,000,000-45,000,000(approx. USD 1,730-3,115)Sr. Android/iOS Developer3 to 5 yearsIDR 15,000,000-20,000,000(approx. USD 1,040-1,385)Jr. Android/iOS Developer1 to 2 yearsIDR 10,000,000-12,000,000(approx. USD 690-830)

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Companies also commonly offer additional benefits to attract IT professionals. Some examples include:

  • Flexible work arrangements. Many developers and other IT professionals favor flexible working hours. It is also common to give developers the option to work remotely a few times a week.
  • Company-provided meals. Subsidizing meals during work hours is a common perk in office-based tech companies.
  • Health insurance. Indonesian workers prefer companies that offer private health insurance. This is on top of government-mandated health insurance. Companies also typically extend health insurance coverage to the employee’s family.
  • Subsidized devices. You can offer internal programs to subsidize your employees’ personal devices. For example, you can set up internal payment plans. Alternatively, you can offer to sell 
  • Transportation allowance. Office-based employees will appreciate an allowance to cover the cost of going to and from the office.

In addition to the above, employees also expect to receive a 13th salary. This is a religious holiday allowance mandated by the Ministry of Manpower. The deadline for payment depends on the employee’s religion. Alternatively, employers and employees can set a different date of payment.

#4 Company culture matters to Android and iOS Developers in Indonesia

Company culture plays an important role when Android and iOS are deciding whether to accept a job or not. Below are some things IT professionals typically consider when deciding to work for a company:

  • Dress code. Many developers favor companies that do not have a strict dress code.
  • Self-development and training. Employees like companies that encourage self-development and training during working hours. Companies also typically pay for classes or subscriptions to online learning tools.
  • Career progression is clear. Talented Android and iOS developers will want to work for a company where they can grow professionally.

#5 Hire Android and iOS Developers through an employer of record

You do not need to set up a local company when hiring Android or iOS Developers in Indonesia. You can hire through an employer of record. An employer of record is a company that hires workers on behalf of another company.

This is an all-in-one solution. Employers of record will not only source and hire workers for you, they will also take care of HR tasks including payroll management. As your employer of record, RecruitGo will also make sure you remain compliant with local employment laws. We will also inform and advise you about any relevant updates and changes to Indonesia’s laws.

As with other IT roles, app developers need specific equipment to perform their tasks. RecruitGo can assist you in providing your developers with computers, software, and other tools or devices they will need.

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