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At RecruitGo, we ensure your employees are paid on time, legally, and with all the benefits they deserve, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Say goodbye to payroll stress with our expert service


Fast and Accurate processings

Our expert accounting team combines their skills and experience to deliver precise and timely payments for your employees.

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Local laws compliance

We make sure that your business stays in accordance with the local regulations governing wages, benefits, and employment taxes. By staying up to date with the latest regulatory changes, we make sure that you can focus on running your business without worrying about compliance.



By utilizing RecruitGo’s payroll management services, you can save costs by eliminating the need for an in-house payroll staff while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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How RecruitGo handle your team’s payroll?

In a nutshell, we hire your employees on your behalf. The process is as simple:


Provide the necessary documents and salary details of your employees.


RecruitGo ensures compliance with local laws by registering your employees for health and social insurance with the labor department.


Let RecruitGo handle the complexities of calculating salaries, overtime, benefits, and employment taxes for your employees with our payroll management services.


We take care of the submission of personal income tax (PIT) declarations every quarter and handle the PIT settlements annually.


Our services extend to the biannual submission of your company's Labor Use Report.


Why outsource your payroll to RecruitGo?

Expert Payroll Support

At RecruitGo, you'll have a dedicated payroll specialist who will provide you with personalized and direct one-on-one service.

Computation and distribution of salaries

We calculate your employees' salaries every month based on factors like overtime, contributions, and deductions & make sure that the payment is accurate and on time.

Income tax management

Our company handles tax calculations and payments for employees on behalf of businesses, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing employees with tax receipts for annual filing.

Social security & Health Insurance

We ensure your employees receive the social security benefits mandated by law by registering them with the relevant labor department. We also distribute the allocated cost for social security contributions between employees and employers, in accordance with legal requirements.

1 Month invoice

Pay only one invoice per month, and let RecruitGo handle dispersion of money to every party involved


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See what our clients say

Hamzah Jasim Alomairi
Bridges LLC. (United Arab Emirates)

I would recommend RecruitGo on my behalf due to the excellent job you have done in managing Bridges llc account for RecruitGo. You are certainly welcome Emma! Great service overall!

Stephen Congmon
Otsuka Chemical

The company is very professional. RecruitGo always gives good advice and solutions to our problems.

Vipinkumar Ramakrishnan

Really a great partner to work with. Sharp on timelines quick responses, I'm very much happy with the Philippines team - America, Jilian, Gabe - for the continuous support.

Francois Myburgh

As always, we love working with RecruitGo!

David Catindoy

RecruitGo team is such a pleasure to work with. They understand what we need as a business and provided us recommendations that are tailored to our needs. I really appreciate the effort that the team has put in to go above and beyond to nurture the relationship and meet certain demands of our business. I highly recommend RecruitGo and it's really nice to have a partner that you can rely on.

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