Philippines salary calculator

Estimate the total cost of hiring an employee in the Philippines and how much the employee receives as a take-home pay.

You pay
Flag of the Philippines
₱ 50,000.00
Employer's SSS
Gross salary
Employer's HDMF
Employer's PhilHealth[1]
EOR fee
Gross salary + employer contributions
Employee receives
Flag of the Philippines
₱ 50,000.00
₱ 1,350.00
Gross salary
₱ 1,000.00
₱ 100.00
Income tax
₱ 4,718.40
DISCLAIMER: For the sake of clarity, we have made several assumptions about the employee's status. The result give a fairly accurate estimation but individual circumstances may result in a slightly different result. Use this calculator for informational purposes only and consult RecruitGo's staff for precise calculations.