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From finding a remote employee to setting up entire divisions - our inhouse recruiters in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan help you find the best talent at reasonable rates.

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RecruitGo is a complete solution for hiring remotely. Find candidates, hire via our employer of record service, manage everything from our platform.

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Job description, requirements for the candidate, budget, etc. We will work with you to design the best proposition to attract the right candidates.

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Since we have recruiters in multiple markets, we can source you candidates from several locations if needed.

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One of RecruitGo’s greatest strengths is its seamless integration of recruitment and employer of record services. Once you have chosen your employees, we will put them on our payroll and handle all the bureaucracy. Your employees will have the same benefits as other local full-time employees.


Examples of positions commonly hired by RecruitGo

Customer support teams in the Philippines

The Philippines is the primary outsourcing destination for customer support divisions. This makes it easy to find experienced customer support officers. Not only that, you’ll also be able to attract the top ones since you are able to provide full-time employment via RecruitGo.

Estimated total cost per customer support agent including salaries and fees

$ 750 USD/mo.

 Account manager candidate profile to remore team
RecruitGo remore candidate profile

Software developers in Pakistan

It’s difficult to find skilled software developers anywhere in the world. However, Pakistan provides a unique mix of high quantity of engineers available in the market and reasonable costs. Your opportunity will be to find software developers that wish to live in Pakistan but work for companies overseas while receiving all the full-time employee benefits such as health insurance and eligibility for mortgage.

Estimated total cost per full-stack developer (mid-level) including salaries and fees

$ 900 USD/mo.

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