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Effortlessly manage your global teams' hiring, payroll, benefits, taxes, social contributions, and insurance policies without the need for a local business entity.

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Easy employment

International Employments made easy with RecruitGo

Looking to expand your business internationally but worried about the complexity of local employment regulations? Don't let that hold you back. With our comprehensive global employment services, you can hire the right talent for your team from SEA regions without the need for a legal business entity in every country.

We take care of everything from onboarding to compliance, payroll, and benefits administration so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business. Unlock the doors to international employment with our seamless global employment solutions.

International Employments made easy with RecruitGo - contracts, taxes, payments.

Global expansion with RecruitGo v/s Setting up local entities

How RecruitGo helps you hire and manage talent across borders without the hassle of legal compliance and tax issues.

Setting up Local entities


Time-consuming process


High costs for legal fees, registration fees, and ongoing compliance


Requires local expertise and resources


Assumes full responsibility for compliance and legal issues


Can limit flexibility and scalability

Expand globally with our international employment solutions

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Full-time benefits

Employer of record services in emerging markets

RecruitGo acts as your employer of record, providing your employees with full-time benefits while eliminating the need for you to establish and manage legal entities overseas.

  • We don’t delegate your projects to local service providers

  • Recruitment and employer of record services combined

  • We are from emerging markets ourselves

International team

International teams with Localized Experiences

Experience personalized payroll and benefits administration with RecruitGo, no matter where your employees are based:

  • Ensure compliance with local regulations and customs by paying employees in their local currencies

  • Provide country-specific statutory benefits as the default

  • Offer additional benefits such as insurance or healthcare packages where available

  • Receive support for visa and immigration requests in select countries.

International team benefits(paymens, taxes, medical insurance)

Examples of positions commonly hired by RecruitGo

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Attract the best talent from around the World

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Increased Productivity with Incentivized Quality Work.

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Encourage top-performing employees.

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Foster a Culture of Well-Being with Our Benefits features.

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Expand Beyond Country-Specific Benefits.

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Ensure Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Benefits Strategy with RecruitGo

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Comprehensive Solutions:

Leverage our expertise to design a tailored benefits program that meets the needs of your international workforce and complies with local laws and regulations.

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People-Driven Approach:

With a focus on employee well-being, our solutions foster a culture of appreciation and support, boosting morale, and enhancing retention rates.

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Simplified Administration:

Our expert service streamlines the benefits administration process, making it easy for you to manage your global benefits strategy efficiently.

Benefits Strategy for employee and remote team with RecruitGo
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