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Mitigate risks of hiring overseas with proper documentation and streamline your operations while saving on legal overheads.

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Compliance made simple: Unmatched protection for your workforce

Global hiring comes with unique challenges, and overlooking compliance can lead to big problems. Are you localizing employment agreements? Checking contractor eligibility? Providing compliant benefits? Recruitgo got you covered, Let us handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on scaling your business.


Secure your business and your team with right contracts

Eliminate your unnecessary risks by localizing your employment contracts with RecruitGo. We don't just offer standard contracts, we also tailor them to suit local laws for both employees and contractors. Plus, we stay up-to-date with any changes to ensure your business stays compliant.

Secure your business and your team with right contracts from RecruiGo
Work Setup and Compliance for remote team with RecruitGo

Empower Your Team with Proper Work Setup and Compliance

We take care of all compliance documentation so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Keep track of country-specific requirements with Recruitgo’s local experts.

  • Simplify tax collection and permit handling for employees and contractors


You choose the talent, we take care of the legalities

Employing offshore staff can be a legal headache. But with RecruitGo, you can hire confidently. You remain in control of the hiring process. We can assist with sourcing and recruitment, but you have the final say. The remote staff are on your payroll. Meanwhile, we handle the legal requirements such as contracts, payroll, and taxes, so you don't have to.

RecruitGo is handle the legal requirements such as contracts, payroll, and taxes
Why us

Why RecruitGo’s Global Compliance is Best?

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Tailored to Local Laws

RecruitGo's compliance services are designed to cater to the specific laws and regulations of specific country, ensuring your business is fully compliant in that location.

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Our compliance services help you avoid expensive legal fees and potential fines by ensuring all compliance requirements are met before issues arise.

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Scalable Solution

RecruitGo's compliance services can be scaled to meet the needs of any business, from small start-ups to large enterprises operating in multiple countries.

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Dedicated Compliance Team

Our compliance team is made up of experts who keep abreast of changes in local laws and regulations to ensure your business stays compliant at all times.

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Employer of Record

RecruitGo's Employer of Record service takes care of all local employment contracts, taxes, and payroll requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Streamlined Process

Our platform provides a streamlined process for managing compliance requirements, making it easy to track compliance documentation and ensure everything is up-to-date.


Don’t take our word for it.
See what our clients say

Hamzah Jasim Alomairi
Bridges LLC. (United Arab Emirates)

I would recommend RecruitGo on my behalf due to the excellent job you have done in managing Bridges llc account for RecruitGo. You are certainly welcome Emma! Great service overall!

Stephen Congmon
Otsuka Chemical

The company is very professional. RecruitGo always gives good advice and solutions to our problems.

Vipinkumar Ramakrishnan

Really a great partner to work with. Sharp on timelines quick responses, I'm very much happy with the Philippines team - America, Jilian, Gabe - for the continuous support.

Francois Myburgh

As always, we love working with RecruitGo!

David Catindoy

RecruitGo team is such a pleasure to work with. They understand what we need as a business and provided us recommendations that are tailored to our needs. I really appreciate the effort that the team has put in to go above and beyond to nurture the relationship and meet certain demands of our business. I highly recommend RecruitGo and it's really nice to have a partner that you can rely on.

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